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HCL Software is a division of HCL Technologies that develops and delivers a next-generation software portfolio.

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Client Advocacy

A customer-centric approach is the foundational element of the HCL Software business philosophy.

Our goal is to build stronger relationships with our customers and ensure their long-term success with our software.


HCL Partner Connect is a one-stop-shop for software-based offerings to enable growth and scale.

Get everything you need to innovate and deliver.

Featured Products

HCL has recently acquired products in the areas of DevOps, Automation, Digital Solutions, Data Management and Marketing and Commerce

Identify and remediate application security vulnerabilities
A collaborative endpoint management & security platform
Easy, personalized omni-channel digital buying experiences
Workstream collaboration for meetings, messaging, files & more
Digital Experience
A digital experience with highly personalized social experiences across web portals
A secure, enterprise-grade, application development platform
Instant messaging and online communication with audio, video, and data sharing
Enterprise marketing management and automation with real-time personalization
More Software
Redefine your business to deliver maximum value

Products by Pillars

Delivering practical innovations that bring our customers success


Gain complete visibility and control to optimize your business with automation

Data Management

Experience and expertise to handle the explosion of data created every second


Market-leading, best-in-breed DevOps solutions for the enterprise.

Digital Solutions

A secure, flexible, and powerful market leading foundation for your organization

Marketing & Commerce

Drive business transformation and attain profitable outcomes.


Innovate with one of the most scalable, secure and proven platforms

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