Fast, Accurate, Agile Security Testing

Powerful DevSecOps that pinpoints and remediates application vulnerabilities in every phase of the development lifecycle. AppScan delivers best-in-class application security testing tools to ensure your business, and your customers, are not vulnerable to attacks.

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Empower developers to find and fix vulnerabilities

Encourage QA teams to participate in security for improved quality

Deploy with confidence; gain trust with operations teams

Streamline collaboration between development and security teams

1.5 Million

Lines of code scanned per hour


Scans report high or medium vulnerabilities


Reduction in static application security testing false positives

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  • Rapidly identify, understand and remediate security vulnerabilities to safeguard assets. 
  • Manage an application security program performing large scale application scanning and achieving regulatory compliance.
  • Lower costs and reduce risk exposure by identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities early.

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