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AppScan on Cloud delivers a suite of security testing tools including SAST, DAST, IAST, and SCA on web, mobile, and even desktop applications. It detects pervasive security vulnerabilities and facilitates remediation. AppScan on Cloud implements shift-left security by eliminating vulnerabilities during development, before software is deployed. Developer focused advisories and language specific code samples empower developers to remediate vulnerabilities and instill secure coding practices. Comprehensive management capabilities enable security professionals, developers, DevOps and compliance officers to continuously monitor the security posture of their application and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

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How It Works

Compliance Framework

Risk Assessment & Prioritization

  • DAST

    Identify vulnerabilities in running applications

  • IAST

    Receive ongoing
    identification of runtime issues.
    No test requests needed.

  • SAST

    Trace Analysis of
    Application code

  • Open Source

    Identify vulnerabilities introduced by open-source packages

  • Exposed API

    Scan automation, risk management, plugins, & extensions

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DevSecOps ready

Integrates directly into the software development lifecycle tools

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Machine learning-based filters

Machine learning-based static analysis dramatically reduces false positives

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Point-and-shoot dynamic testing

Dynamic scans without the configuration hassle

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Open source testing

Security testing for open source software


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