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Automation Power Suite is the bundle offering comprising of HCL Workload Automation, HCL Clara and HCL HERO. With Automation Power Suite, customers can automate more, automate better and automate smarter to build an enterprise automation platform.

HCL Automation Power Suite has best products, processes, practices and price together!

HCL Workload Automation

Orchestrate business-critical processes against business KPIs, from a centralized point of control across platforms (from mainframe to containers).

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HCL Clara

The Intelligent Virtual Assistant, enhancing Workload Automation customers’ experience with natural language processing interactions and smart actions.


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Healthcheck & Runbook Optimizer (HERO) is the IT Administrator’s best friend that, leveraging Machine Learning & Big Data, assists the Administrators in optimizing Workload Automation's infrastructure.

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Automation Hub

Build your own enterprise automation hub with Workload Automation and a bunch of integrations - available on the Automation Hub catalog - covering a wide spectrum of automation needs, from IT tasks to business processes.

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Make the most with the Automation Power Suite bundle and enjoy the advantages of a perpetual pricing model. Automate more, better, smarter!

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