BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation integrates BigFix with Tenable and other leading vulnerability management sources of vulnerability data to guide BigFix users on how to apply the best patch and configuration settings to remediate discovered vulnerabilities, and thus reduce risk and improve security.
BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation uses advanced correlation algorithms to aggregate and process the vulnerability data with information from BigFix to drive analytics and reports. BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation enables staff to see correlated vulnerabilities with available fixes and select which remediations to immediately deploy.

Closing the Gap Between Vulnerability Discovery and Remediation


Closing the Gap Between Vulnerability Discovery and Remediation

Dave Gruber, Senior Analyst at ESG, takes a closer look at the challenges that organizations face today around vulnerability management and remediation and dive into how security teams can dramatically save time and reduce manual efforts with BigFix Insights Vulnerability Remediation.


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Dave Gruber

Featured Integration: HCL BigFix + Tenable


Dramatically Compress Vulnerability Resolution Time with Tenable

Learn more about how BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation for Tenable remediates detected vulnerabilities through prioritized remediation workflows.


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Speed Discovery and Remediation of the Vulnerability in Apache's Log4j 

BigFix Insights for Vulnerability Remediation can help Security and IT Operations discover, remediate and mitigate the threat of the Log4J vulnerability.


It Security and Operations

IT security and operations teams can quickly reconcile vulnerability detections with remediation actions, collapsing compliance and security gaps.​

Bigfix Supersedence Engine

Remediate detected vulnerabilities, then automate the creation of prioritized remediation workflows with BigFix Baselines and Fixlets using BigFix supersedence engine.

advanced patch analytics, saving time

Reduce the need for specialized expertise by embedding advanced patch analytics, saving time, while reducing costs and errors.

OS Platforms

Leverage the broadest set of remediation capabilities, both in terms of supported OS platforms, and-out-of-the-box, certified remediations.


Align security and IT operations

Align security and IT operations, improving awareness of what remediations are needed to address detected vulnerabilities.​ 

reducing remediation time from hours or days to minutes

Rapidly close vulnerability gaps, reducing remediation time from hours or days to minutes.

Shrink attack surfaces and close

Shrink attack surfaces and close the loop between vulnerability detection and remediation. ​

BigFix security and operations teams

Increase BigFix's return on investment (ROI) for both security and operations teams.

System Requirements

BigFix Component Requirements: BigFix Insights

Supported Vulnerability Management Platforms

  • • Tenable.SC
  • • Qualys VMDR

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