About BigFix Inventory

Dramatically reduce the time required to conduct a comprehensive software asset inventory for license reconciliation or compliance purposes. Provide valuable insight into what the organization owns—and what it has installed but does not own—along with how often the software is being used.

Audit Enablement

Discover software, processes, file systems, and hardware plus monitor usage across operating systems to simplify audits and reduce fines.

Asset Tracking

Identify aggregate application license counts, software usage statistics and license type compliance across all your endpoints including those in kubernetes containers.

Software License Management

Compare discovered software against the number of available licenses to make better procurement decisions. ​ Provides information on over 9,100 publishers, 38,000 software products and more than 105,000 application signatures out-of-the-box.

Multiple Discovery Types

Support six different forms of discovery including a Software Identification Catalog (ISO 19770 enabled), customized template signatures (for propriety and homegrown applications), an installation registry, vendor-specific discovery solutions, ISO SWID tags, and hardware discovery.

BigFix on Cloud

BigFix may optionally be deployed using HCL’s global cloud-based managed services to accelerate time to value and lower capital costs.


See BigFix in Action!

One endpoint management platform enabling IT Operations and Security teams to automate discovery, management and remediation – whether its on-premise, virtual, or cloud – regardless of operating system, location or connectivity.

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