Ask Clara How to use the Product

  • Answer how-to questions, also providing link to videos or documentation
  • Semantic Search in the product documentation to increase the response rate
  • Capture problems and guide teams in troubleshooting through voice commands or simple text chats

Make Clara your Self Service Automation Tool

  • Run tasks & actions on request, leveraging the product APIs to assist the user and speed up the process
  • Catch data at a glance thanks to answers’ translation in graphical views

Use Clara to Spread Best Practices

  • Extendable and customizable knowledge database based on client’s best practices (naming conventions, internal operation guides, specific runbook procedure...) and customizable by the administrators
  • Extendable and customizable Smart Actions to address specific customer needs

Integrate Clara with your Favorite Service/Platform

Contact CLARA from your preferred messaging platform or from the product interface

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HCL Clara Adds Value for Workload Automation Users


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