Program Benefits


HCL Commerce has created a fast-start program with our partner community in order to help B2B and B2C organizations who need to get a digital selling channel up and running quickly.

  • Maybe you already have an online store and want to improve it
  • Maybe you have a digital presence but need to add a digital store.
  • Or maybe you need to create a whole new digital footprint

Whatever your situation, the Fast-Start program can help.


Why go with the Fast-Start program?

  • Generate incremental revenue with industry best practices
  • Business user tooling so you can be flexible and agile.
  • Quickly add new sites for new brands or geographies

What’s your goal for a digital transformation?


Program Description

HCL Commerce’s Fast-Start Program is designed to get you up and running with a transactional B2B or B2C storefront.

This includes:

  • B2C or B2B storefront with branding with the flexibility to grow to multiple brands and/or countries
  • Rich catalog to drive search engine optimization and increase traffic
  • Advanced search with natural language to increase average order value
  • Personalization engine to target content to the appropriate buyer
  • Capture digital orders to reduce costly call center calls
    • Wish Lists
    • Requisition Lists
    • Recurring orders
    • Subscriptions
  • Preview the user experience with the personalized content before campaigns start
  • Configurable promotion engine to drive conversion
  • Support customer-specific catalogs and price-lists
  • Cloud Hosted and Managed
  • Segmentation to group your Customers
  • Integrations to common 3rd-parties
    • Payments (credit cards, Paypal, Venmo)
    • Address Verification
    • Shipping
    • Tax