Cloud Native

Take your commerce platform to the cloud of your choice, or multiple clouds, whatever is good for your business

Create a branded experience that differentiates you from competitors!

Your data is your data. Don’t help your competitors by sharing your business data to help improve their performance.

HCL Commerce on SoFy

Cloud-Native Commerce from HCL means you can get live fast!

Explore the catalog
Access the SoFy Catalog to select HCL Commerce and any complementary solutions like DX or Unica Discover.

Create the solution
After selecting your product(s) just add them to your solution and give them a name – then you are you are ready to create!

Release to the cloud
Deploy your commerce solution to the sandbox or the cloud of your choice and start innovating.

Commerce Reimagined with HCL Solution Factory

Extensive Sales & Business Model Support

Agile Business Models
One platform support multiple business models including B2B, B2C, B2B2C.

Expanding Sales Capabilities
One platform for all sales personas (CSR, Guided Selling, Partners, Store Associate)

New Channels
One platform that extends commerce to new channels, like marketplaces, social, IOT, enabling businesses to sell more.

Optimized Business & User Experience

Customer Experience Flexibility
Covering all the experience options you need - HCL Commerce CMS; Use 3rd Party CMS; Or go Headless.

Enhanced Productivity
Easier collaboration and higher productivity through easy-to-use business user tooling.

Visualization and Insights
See what’s happening to sales and understand the cause using commerce analytics on buyer behavior, performance, and critical KPIs.

Performance, Scalability & Security

Market-Leading Performance
Unparalleled performance and, scalability for businesses that rely on digital.

Reduce TCO
Powerful platform that seamlessly scales up and down in the cloud minimizing the total cost of ownership.

Reliable and Secure
Peace of mind knowing that your platform will always be available to your customers.

Ready to take the next step? Try Commerce today.

A single, unified platform that supports different business models, like B2C (consumers), B2B (directly with businesses), and marketplaces.