Connections Key Features Guide

From product features that drive increased engagement, to tools that make administration and management easier than ever, our features and benefits guide lays out the essentials.

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Discover How Connections Collaboration Ensures Better Business Alignment

Connections drives increased engagement and precision — and introduces features and tools to deliver efficient workflow, improve access to resources, and make projects easier to manage.

Create Flexible Workspaces

Communities organize your teams and content around common goals or projects to get work done faster and create a natural collaboration channel for team members.

Integrate the Power of HCL Connections with Microsoft 365®

Leverage the value of your Connections people-powered communities and content into your Microsoft tools.

Get Your Projects Done on Time

Huddo Activities Plus provides project management tools to assign tasks, share activity progress, and display the status of every project in real-time.

Onboard New Staff More Quickly

Touchpoint provides an on-boarding wizard that simplifies getting new employees quickly up-to-speed and productive, as well as connecting them to relevant content.

Gain Immediate Access to Relevant Information

Orient Me delivers a personalized homepage bringing your most relevant tools, apps, and updates right to you.

Drive Better Results with a Fully Engaged Workforce

Keep employees focused with an engagement hub that streamlines communication and information access, keeps teams aligned, and delivers results.