eBook: Mastering the human element of DevOps

While building constructive culture, engaging workers individually and helping staff avoid burnout have always been organizationally demanding, they are intensified by the continuous, always-on notion of DevOps. In this eBook, DevOps experts share their insights on team-building and avoiding job burnout. eBook: How DevOps leads the way to digital business transformation

Regardless of IT spending plans, nearly three-quarters of enterprise IT executives surveyed said they expect to either accelerate or maintain digital transformation initiatives and projects. The only way to accelerate the building and deployment of modern digital business applications is to embrace best DevOps practices. Organizations are quickly discovering that not only have the timetables for these projects been accelerated, but also digital business applications need to be updated continuously.

DZone Trend Report: The State of CI/CD

Download your free copy of the report to explore this industry insight so you can make more informed decisions about your organization's own digital transformation.

2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report

The Upskilling 2020 report explores the state of DevOps and human transformation, as well as the core skills required for successful DevOps adoption. This report reveals the emerging themes among IT professionals in the midst of digital transformation, including the difficulties of carrying out DevOps transformations and hiring the right humans. It also shares specific skills that are most needed among DevOps humans and examines the progress and importance of upskilling at the enterprise. The 2020 report offers insights from both a global and regional perspective.

eBook: The Top 7 Day 2 DevOps Challenges

As DevOps evolves, engineering leaders face demands way beyond CI/CD automation. This guide explores the industry's top challenges (and ways to solve them), including effectively scaling, delivering business results, and increasing productivity in software teams.

eBook: Enabling Teams to Take Responsibility of Their Value Streams

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in comparison, an organization can only move as fast as the slowest teams. That's where Value Stream Management comes in.

Value Stream Management Essentials

Value Stream Management (VSM) is the lean practice of monitoring, evaluating, and continually improving an organization’s software delivery process. In this Refcard, explore everything VSM has to offer, including key concepts, fundamentals, and more. eBook: Value Stream Management Comes of Business Age

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