G2 Leader Badge Summer 2023

Recognized as leader in the G2 App Dev Grid Report and rated highly by G2 users based on substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores

Better App Experiences, Everywhere

Better App Experiences, Everywhere

With Nomad web, access to Domino apps is now on a browser and always up to date. No more upgrading and maintaining desktop Notes clients and business users can get set up four times faster.

Anyone Can Build Low-Code Apps

Anyone Can Build No-code Apps

Extend the value of your Domino investment by leveraging the same infrastructure, governance, and security, without the risk of shadow IT. With HCL Domino Leap, it’s easy for the citizen developer to spin up solutions and iterate. Newest features include simplified integrations with HCL Link.

Full Java/Eclipse-based clients HCL Notes

Save Time with OnTime Group Calendar

Optimize your meeting schedule with OnTime Freemium Group Calendar and improve meeting scheduling coordination. Set up meetings more efficiently with a clear view of everyone’s schedule. onetime

Rock-Solid Security

Security is built into the DNA of Domino, and it has always been a platform you can trust — secure to its core. Domino v12 includes even more security features including Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP), automating certificate management, and biometric authentication.  

Simplified Notes and Nomad Administration

Simplified Notes and Nomad Administration

We partner with panagenda to offer MarvelClient, comprehensive client management and monitoring with self-healing functionality. This results in 80% fewer help desk tickets, 90% reduced admin effort, and 100% user productivity. MarvelClient and Panagenda

Advancing cloud native technologies together

Move to a Cloud-Native Architecture Now

Deploy and manage your HCL Software products on the cloud of your choice. Our software can be installed on any Kubernetes environment – public, private, or hybrid – in minutes.

Upgrade to v12

When you upgrade, your applications will continue to work no matter what release you came from. Getting to v12 enables you to unlock all of the great features in v10, v11 and v12.

Schedule Domino Demo

In this one-hour session, our product consultant will walk you through a workflow that will demonstrate how you can provide excellent customer service with Domino.

You will learn how you can

  • Create customer journeys, segmentation and targeting with the right offer.
  • Deliver tailored, relevant and compelling offers on every channel—inspiring customers.
  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.
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