Why Upgrade?


While Domino is fundamentally secure, foundational operating systems like Windows and MacOS that are going out of support will subject your environment to vulnerabilities. If your old deployment does not support newer operating systems, an upgrade is crucial and we are here to help you do just that.


Domino v9 has limited support for newer operating systems

It only supports up to Windows Server 2016 and Apple OS Catalina. Microsoft's end of support for Windows Server 2016 is quickly approaching on January 2022 while Apple support for Catalina will end fall of 2022.

Newer versions of Domino receive priority support and code fixes

This includes security. We hate to play favorites, but it’s no secret that the latest versions get fixed first. Don’t be last in line, or expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

Did you know that Domino v9 does NOT have self-healing capabilities?

You are likely spending unnecessary time on maintenance and repair that can be done for you on Domino v12. If stability, reliability, and administrative cost savings are important to you, then it is time to upgrade.

Upcoming Webinars


Let’s help you not stay stuck in the past with your old Domino deployment. We have a two-part webinar series on why you should upgrade and how to do it with our help!



Domino V12

It’s time to upgrade to Domino v12. Here’s why.

All you need to know about Domino v12. Multiple dates and languages available — register now!

Plan your Upgrade

Upgrading is easier than you think.

An in-depth overview on how to plan your upgrade. Register now for your preferred date and language!

Quick Start


Planning your upgrade has never been easier with the help of HCL experts and resources. Check out this comprehensive guide and schedule time with a technical expert to get your questions answered.



Upgrade Guide

Plan Your Upgrade Today

Download this comprehensive guide to planning your upgrade to HCL Notes and Domino v12.


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Talk to an Expert

Let Our Experts Help

Our technical experts are available to assist you in upgrading your environment.


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Why Domino v12 is an App Dev Game-Changer

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