Strengthening Business Partnerships through Dynamic Content Delivery

To make it even easier for companies to do business with government agencies and departments, especially in times of crisis, the State of Ohio knew it had to overhaul and enhance its digital channels.

The state is now able to bring together content in a centralized way where pertinent information can be delivered across different agency websites and tailored to each user’s mission rather than by department.

Digital Transformation in the State of Ohio

Learn about how HCL business partner Base22 helps the State of Ohio deliver engaging experiences.

See how they create compelling experiences by blending content, applications, and business processes for a personalized, seamless experience for all of their audiences using the power of the HCL Digital Experience platform.

Provide Personalized Offerings to your Business Customers

Empower all types business users with an interactive portal that can handle various levels of security clearance via our role management feature.

Deliver personalized content, inventory and ordering options based on a user’s role, past user history and even trigger based events.

This level of personalization and customization can be achieved with low-code content creation options powered by our new redesigned Content Composer — which lets you create and publish content without calling IT.

Get a Single Master View Over Your Supply Chain

Easily integrate separate and disparate systems using our new Experience API interface to provide a complete wholistic view of your inventory and supply chain to your business partners in a single master view.

Handle hundreds of thousands of orders and millions of users with ease while saving money using our integration with Kubernetes’ auto scale features.

Keep Business Partners Up to Date on the Latest Products and Innovations.

Send the latest products, innovations, recalls, and more directly and automatically to your business partners and clients.

Sync these vital updates in an instant and keep your partners and customers informed on the latest from your organization.

Shatter expectations by delivering outstanding content in a personalized and relevant way.

Our Business Partners Can Supercharge Your Digital Transformation

Learn how one of our premier business partners, Asponte, helped digitally transform the commerce systems for one of the world’s largest veterinary medical suppliers, which boosted revenue by more than 30%.


HCL Commerce goes beyond the transaction with innovation that enables the next generation of customer experiences coupled with data-driven insights to improve performance so our customers can deliver commerce everywhere.


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