Automation Power Suite

Powerful bundle offering comprising of HCL Workload Automation, HCL Clara and HCL HERO.

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An IT Administrator's Best-friend!

Reduce manual labor, reduce downtime of servers, and improve IT operational efficiency across the enterprise with HCL HERO

Centralized Application Monitoring

HCL HERO effectively combines centralized application monitoring with runbook automation. It enables a single point of entry to see misconfiguration, performance or infrastructure problem on multiple environments. Users have an immediate understanding of the situation and where an action is needed with a clear and visually engaging dashboard overview​.






HCL HERO helps easily integrate a runbook library with customized monitors and KPIs.

Predict And Measure

HCL HERO provides dedicated performance indicators for Workload Automation, with predictive analysis and Runbook recommendation.


HCL HERO recommends and executes runbooks correlated to specific issues identified on the components of your application server infrastructure.