Transform Your Business Processes to Achieve Greater Efficiency

Easily create sophisticated web applications for data collection and process automation now.

Enhance the Agility of Your Applications for dynamic business requirements

Enhance the Agility of Your Applications

Accommodate dynamic business requirements by allowing users to update their applications at any time, without interrupting existing applications. Edits are managed separately from the runtime version and deployed when ready — all without any downtime.

HCL Leap coordinate the Dynamic Workflows

Work With Dynamic Workflows

Workflow role assignments can be made dynamically based on organizational directory lookups. Notifications can be sent to coordinate the workflow and access rights can be set to control each role’s privileges in every workflow stage, giving the user complete control to transform and streamline processes.

API Access Lets You Control Your Data

API Access Lets You Control Your Data

Every application automatically includes a REST API, allowing users to create, read, query, update and delete records. Role-based access control settings apply to API access, putting users in control of data security.

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