Capabilities for An Easy Integration

HCL Link provides easy integration with any application or resource with these featured capabilities.

Link Anything, Anywhere

Integrate any application and data across your enterprise. Flexibility to deploy where and how you want – on prem, on cloud, hosted and hybrid. Available as a container or as a native install for Windows or Linux. Develop once and deploy anywhere or everywhere.

Unleash Your Data

Unlock the insights in your data by incorporating all the relevant data. Broad set of powerful, modern connectors to easily access data to make it available to the applications and people who need it. Access valuable data when and where needed – on demand, scheduled or event-based.

Benefits of Using a Robust Platform

Single Unified Platform

Easy enough to use for simple use cases; yet sophisticated enough for the most complex – eliminating the need for multiple integration or transformation tools.

Broad Set of Connectors and Deep REST API Support

Rich set of connectors enabling integration with today’s applications and technologies, as well as powerful capabilities for integrating via REST API.

Best-in-Market Transformation

Transform data from any format to any format including hierarchical, semi-structured and mixed data – read in data from multiple sources and write to many destinations in one pass – without code.

Highly Scalable

Scales up to tens of thousands of transactions per second to keep up with the speed of business.

Code-free Development

Modeling, development, and testing of integration solutions and transformations via an easy-to-use code-free approach

Flexible Deployment

Develop once and run anywhere (on prem, cloud, hybrid), on any platform (Windows, Linux) and in the way the business calls for (on demand, via API, scheduled, event-based)