An upcoming major release by the Workload Automation team brought about a complete redesign of the primary user interfaces. Such radical change meant that none of the existing test automation assets were usable, and that the effort to re-engineer them was significant.


HCL OneTest was selected for a pilot program due to its offering of a codeless solution with the added benefits of simple script maintenance and the ability to leverage API and database actions in test scripts.

Key Findings

  • Natural language scripts are auto-generated from recording sessions, and can be augmented with additional steps in the IDE while the application is offline
  • Recording interactions with the web page under test and associating each action with a navigable screenshot of the page and DOM became a natural and intuitive way of working code-free
  • Intelligent object recognition during playback made scripts resilient to changes and easy to maintain
  • The ability to re-use UI tests during performance testing leads to efficiencies in script creation and earlier results
  • Tests can be built that combine the browser interactions with steps to cleanup data and validate data on the back-end systems providing richer and more robust workflows

About Workload Automation

The Workload Automation product enables more than 2,000 leading organizations around the world to gain complete visibility and control over attended and unattended workloads.

From a single point of control, it supports multiple platforms, provides advanced integration with enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, and offers more than 35 out- of-the-box plugins, including plugins for FTP and Hadoop activities.

Additionally, Workload Automation allows scheduling dependencies between disparate systems, and helps increase availability due to its true fault- tolerant architecture.

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