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20% reduction in server management costs
77% reduction in outstanding vulnerabilities
Improved management of 7000+ servers

Company: Bank
Country: NA
Industry: Banking
Products: HCL BigFix Lifecycle
Partner: WaveStrong




The bank struggled to remediate a growing number of vulnerabilities across their servers using Microsoft SCCM and manual processes. The backlog was growing; so the bank sought a more effective solution that could eliminate the backlog of unremediated vulnerabilities and reduce security risk.


WaveStrong manages the bank’s network of over 7000 servers running Windows and Linux using their Patch-as-a-Service offering, powered by BigFix Lifecycle.


WaveStrong leveraged BigFix Lifecycle to help the bank become current with patches and vulnerability remediation while cutting overall server management costs.

“The bank cut overall server management cost by 20% by leveraging WaveStrong’s Patch-as-a-Service offering, powered by HCL BigFix.”

--- Dan Joslin. VP of Sales and Services, Western Region

Business challenge story

The bank struggled to keep up with server patching. They used Microsoft SCCM and manual processes. The growing number of patches and vulnerabilities became unmanageable, exposing the bank to unnecessary security risk. The bank required a more effective patching solution to reduce the overall security risk and improve server management.


Transformation story

The bank engaged WaveStrong to select and deliver a solution that would help them reduce the vulnerabilities and help implement a robust managed service that could keep up with the ever-growing number of patches and vulnerabilities while providing server automation and software deployment. WaveStrong proposed BigFix Lifecycle - the best-in-breed platform - to satisfy the bank’s multiple requirements and to deliver Patch-as-a-Service.


By leveraging BigFix Lifecycle,

  • Outstanding patches shrunk by 33 percent through the use of BigFix’s out-of-the-box content for Windows, Linux and third-party applications, as well as the development and deployment of custom content when needed. WaveStrong used BigFix’s robust and scalable infrastructure to easily remediate servers across multiple data centers and cloud infrastructures.
  • Unremediated vulnerabilities were reduced by 77 percent using BigFix Lifecycle and the trove of custom fixlets available from HCL, partners, and the BigFix user community.
  • Overall server management costs were cut by 20 percent by implementing Patch-as-a-Service, powered by HCL BigFix.
  • A shared operations model was enabled for the bank and WaveStrong, providing a platform for multi-platform patching, vulnerability remediation and improved server automation.


About the Company

WaveStrong is an industry leader in enterprise and cloud information security consulting services, delivering best of breed security solutions and services to government, education and business verticals. WaveStrong’s staff is comprised of both certified technical and business professionals who can help organizations navigate the complexities of planning, design, implementation and management of security solutions. For more information, visit

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