Develop stateful, real-time applications


Industries today are generating thousands, if not millions, of new lines of code in their complex and real-time systems via model-based designs. Additionally, both new and legacy systems require enhancements to capture and react to the plethora of data being created by both people and devices, every second. To gain a competitive advantage, companies need advanced tooling to support and scale their embedded and IoT applications with strategic uses of these model-based designs.


Companies that adopt new technologies and can react to this data to enhance the customer experience, gain a significant edge on their competitors. Imagine a refrigerator telling you that you’re out of milk. Or a device that tells your doctor exactly where and when your heart has an irregular heartbeat. How about a coffee maker that brews you a fresh cup even when you’re sleeping in?


HCL RTist is a modeling and development environment for creating complex, event-driven and real time applications. It is specifically designed to help software engineers with feature-rich tooling for design, analysis, building and deploying embedded, real-time systems and IoT applications.


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