Improved functionality of VPN and Reverse Proxy

For both, clientless users and traditional VPN users, HCL SafeLinx provides secure, seamless connectivity with support for authentication, encryption, network optimization, and session persistence.

Client (VPN) and Clientless (HTTP Access) options

Push notification proxy for APNs and Google GCM

SafeLinx Client toolkit for Android

MAC OSX support

64Bit client for Linux and MAC OSX

Cryptography libraries updated to CliC V4

Robust, mature, security rich and reliable VPN solution

Scalable and readily available (Server Runs on Windows, Linux and AIX)

SafeLinx client tunneling over ATT net client/Cisco ANYNet

Mobile Iron MDM and Midpoints MDM

Local filesystem support

Multiple LDAP query methods (Round Robin, Failover, Sequential access)

Currency (LDAP, GSKit, platform, etc.)

Daily testing, with both in market, and in development HCL Products & Platforms