HCL has completed the acquisition of select IBM software products. HCL and IBM had an ongoing IP Partnership for five of these products before this acquisition. HCL now fully owns the below mentioned software products:
• Appscan for secure application development,
• BigFix for secure device management,
• Unica (on-premise) for marketing automation,
• Commerce (on-premise) for omni-channel eCommerce,
• Portal (on-premise) for digital experience;
• Notes & Domino for email and low-code rapid application development, and
• Connections for workstream collaboration.

Yes, going forward these products are owned and will only be sold by HCL Software and authorized HCL Software resellers. Learn more about HCL Software and the roadmaps for these products.
With HCL’s existing Mode 1 & Mode 2 capabilities, HCL Software sees an opportunity to unlock tremendous hidden value in these products and grow market share with focused and targeted investments. Many of the acquired products are leaders in large growing markets such as application and endpoint security, marketing automation, commerce, and collaboration. HCL customers will have the ability to contribute to the innovation of these solutions to address their rapidly-changing needs. Learn more about HCL Technologies.
If you’re an existing customer, check out the Welcome Page. To locate product specific content, visit our Support Portal.
To open a new ticket, visit our Support Portal.
The team has prepared for this in advance and things will continue as usual. There might be some small changes you need to make to get started with the new system which are highlighted below.
There will be no change to any existing subscription, all data and amount of remaining scans or capabilities will remain. You will no longer be able to manage your subscription from IBM. Inviting new users to your subscription will be done directly from the service. To update your subscription please contact us, for any other issue please contact support.
To invite new users to ASoC please login to ASoC. Make sure your current role enables you to invite others (by default Admin and Managers have this permission). Go to the User & Roles page and click on the invite button. Invited users will need to have an IBM ID in order to login in case they do not already have one.
We are working on providing an HCL IAM (Identity and access management) for ASoC that will replace the current IBM ID. In order not to cause any disturbance we will continue to support the IBM ID as part of ASoC. We will update soon on the migration plan from IBM ID to the new HCL IAM.
Yes, the IBM licenses will continue to work during 2019.
Support for HCL licenses will be added during 2019. Once it is available you will get detailed instructions on how to get new licenses.
HCL will be happy to work with your respective procurement team to make the process as easy as possible for you. Please register as an HCL Software Partner via HCL's Partner Connect Portal or write to us at software-info@hcl.com to get started.
All customers with active IBM ELA contracts will be retained by IBM for the duration of the contract. Customers will contact HCL for support . HCL Software will work with customers to renew existing S&S in order to ensure there is no lapse in support.
Going forward, the acquired products will only be sold by HCL Software and authorized HCL Software resellers. Learn more about HCL Software and the roadmaps for these products.
IBM will no longer be able to provide the product licenses or pricing quotes for these products as these are HCL products. Please connect with us through our Customer Support Portal or write to us at software-info@hcl.com.
HCL has always aimed for simplified commercials. The product pricing information is available on our website or write to us directly at software-info@hcl.com with your inquiries.
IBM will no longer be able to provide these products. HCL is happy to help you get onboarded with HCL Software as a customer to continue using these products. Please refer to the Welcome Page to get started.
The licenses of these products will only be available for purchase/renewal through HCL Software. You can get started as a customer with HCL Software through the Welcome Page. If you are an HCL Partner already, please connect with your Product Representative. If you are not an HCL Partner yet, please register as an HCL Partner on the Partner Connect Portal or write to us at software-info@hcl.com to get started
Customers can expect similar SLAs and support working with HCL Software. HCL is committed to partnering with our customers for success. Please visit our Support Portal for more information.
Yes, HCL has a Business Partner program. You can learn more about the program and register as a business partner at our Partner Connect Portal.
HCL Software has a robust and globally spread team of Business Representatives for all products. We encourage you to sign up as an HCL Software Partner at our Partner Connect Portal or write to software-info@hcl.com to connect with your Business Rep.
Yes. You will be able to retain your customers that you used to sell to as an IBM Business Partner.
Yes. Once you are approved in the business partner program.
HCL will work with a business partner on opportunities whenever needed. HCL will not automatically send leads to business partners based on pre-set criteria.
Many of these products were already under HCL’s Product & Engineering Management, as part of the existing development partnerships between IBM and HCL. Visit our Welcome Page to begin your journey with HCL Software. For more information on any particular product, contact us at software-info@hcl.com.
HCL believes the product suites have tremendous enduring value and as such we are making significant investments in the future of these software products. Please visit the HCL Software Welcome Page and reach out for a roadmap session at software-info@hcl.com.
HCL Software looks to partner closely with customers on product feedback and we value requests for enhancement. RFEs can be submitted via the Support Portal.
Yes, the relevant products will continue to support the Federal market according to the CIFUS guidelines.
Yes, it is HCL’s intention to have lab services capability to support these products.
HCL engineers, in cooperation with IBM, are currently supporting the lab advocate program under the existing IP Partnership. HCL intends to continue the program after the acquisition as well.
In the case of IPP products, the 2019 product roadmap has already been established by IBM and HCL, taking into account both customer and market trends. IBM and HCL will continue to progress that roadmap under the existing IP partnership up to the closing. HCL does not anticipate any major changes in the roadmap themes after closing. In cases of products that were not previously part of the IPP, HCL will assess the condition of the product, and work with customers and engineers to develop a roadmap. As with the nature of any roadmap, we will refine the roadmap as we learn more throughout the year and we welcome customer input.
HCL follows secure engineering best practices. Vulnerabilities reported by customers are flagged as a special category of problem report, to which access is restricted. Once confirmed as a defect/vulnerability, they are managed through our PSIRT tools, again with access restrictions, until the patch is available, and CVE published. CVE data is reviewed by multiple parties, including legal, prior to publication to ensure only generic product information is referenced.
There will be no change for federal customers under their existing contracts, which have been retained by IBM for the duration of their respective terms. HCL has L2 and L3 U.S. citizen staffing in place for U.S. federal customers, which have been performing support obligations, in cooperation with IBM, under the IBM-HCL IP Partnership. HCL will be making this support available for U.S. federal customers for new contracts entered into after the closing.
Yes, HCL intends to obtain, maintain and renew certifications including: 508, FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, SCAP 1.3 and will add ISO-20243 as HCL considers these certifications as vital to the programs.
HCL is committed to providing AVP support for BigFix and will work together with IBM to ensure the availability of AVP support to address customer needs.
For U.S. federal customers, HCL intends to use a distributor and will have all federal resellers engaged through that distributor.
HCL intends to continue and maintain the Federal BigFix user group after the closing.
HCL is evaluating a supply chain process that will meet Federal requirements.