AppScan on Cloud

A cloud-based application security solution for today's most pervasive published security vulnerabilities

Integration with key build environments and IDEs provide a frictionless experience for application security vulnerabilities testing and fast, targeted remediation. AppScan on Cloud offers multiple forms of testing (SAST, DAST and open source) to provide the broadest coverage.
World-renowned cognitive capabilities enable AppScan on Cloud to deliver deeper and faster scan coverage and eliminate false positives. This provides more current and broader coverage, while creating faster turn-around times that support your DevOps processes.
Application security is not only about performing tests and finding vulnerabilities, it’s about managing risk. AppScan on Cloud empowers you to view your applications from business and technical perspectives, allowing you to prioritize your scarce resources to address your most pressing needs.
Secure and manage your open source components by automating security testing and configuring scanning for open source. It enables you to gain control and visibility over your open source vulnerability scans, by continuously identifying vulnerable open source components in your software.

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AppScan Enterprise

Perform large scale application scanning, mitigate vulnerabilities, and achieve regulatory compliance

A scalable enterprise solution allows organizations to manage their application security program for all their applications. Security and development teams can collaborate, establish policies and scale testing throughout the application lifecycle. AppScan Enterprise provides centralized control with advanced application scanning and remediation capabilities.
Comprehensive REST API enables security testing automation and full control on the on-boarding and auditing activities. Security testing can be integrated into the pipeline and be triggered by CI/CD tools. Security issues found can be pushed into Issue Management systems using AppScan Issue Gateway.
AppScan Enterprise helps classify and prioritize application assets based on business impact and identify high-risk areas. Gain visibility into the security and compliance risks presented by identified vulnerabilities and demonstrate progress through performance metrics.
With AppScan Enterprise organizations can define risk based on their own strategy. A measure for risk can be determined on an application by factors such as access, business impact or significance of security threats. These factors can be customized and programmed into AppScan Enterprise’s calculations. Managers can define rules to measure risk and then automatically classify or rank applications based on that risk to help them make reliable and resource-efficient decisions.

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AppScan Standard

Identify, understand and remediate application vulnerabilities

Employ the latest algorithms and techniques to ensure the most accurate explore coverage and testing. Leverage AppScan’s unique Action Based technology and tens of thousands of built-in tests to best handle real world applications from simple web apps, through single page applications to JSON based REST APIs.
Statistical analysis test optimization provides control on the trade-off between speed and coverage, and enables faster scans with minimal impact on accuracy.
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Extensive reporting offers great insights of the issues found to simplify issue triaging and resolution. A comprehensive list of compliance and industry standard reports (such as PCI, HIPPA, OWASP top 10, SANS 25, etc.) assist you in meeting regulatory requirements.

AppScan Source

Identify and remediate security vulnerabilities early in the development cycle using static application security testing

Build automated security into development by integrating security source code analysis during the build process. The software scans, triages and manages security policies; and prioritizes assignment of results for remediation. It is efficient and scalable – supporting scans more than one million lines of code per hour.
Integrate with Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), build management tools, and defect tracking systems (DTS) to provide increased security intelligence and grant the right people with the right level of information. It accommodates a broad portfolio of large and complex applications across a wide range of programming languages. AppScan Source is built on open architecture to protect your existing investments.
With its cognitive IFA capabilities, AppScan Source helps reduce false positives by up to 98%, alleviating the need for security experts to review findings for false positives before sending them to developers. It helps identify optimal remediation points and generates fix group for your code, enabling developers to save time by addressing multiple issues with a single code change. IFA also helps you to perform Delta Analysis Reporting; display scan-to-scan changes and identify new issues that may have been added.
AppScan Source defines and enforces consistent policies that can be used throughout the enterprise. It can help enable enterprise-wide metrics and reporting with a centralized policy and assessment database. AppScan Source also provides audit and compliance reports that make it easier to understand application-related threat exposures at the executive level.
AppScan Source provides visibility into security and compliance risks presented by identified security issues. It delivers more than 40 security compliance reports, including PCI Data Security Standard, Payment Application Data Security Standard, ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, HIPAA, Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act and Basel II. AppScan Source can also integrate with AppScan Enterprise’s reporting and management capabilities.

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