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AppScan Enterprise delivers scalable application security testing and risk-management capabilities, to help enterprises manage risk and compliance.  AppScan enables security, DevOps teams to collaborate, establish policies and perform testing throughout the application development lifecycle. Management dashboards help businesses classify and prioritize application assets based on business impact and identify most critical vulnerabilities that present the highest risk to the business. AppScan Enterprise’s REST interface enables integration with various automation tools to ensure seamless integration with DevOps’ CI/CD pipelines.


Scalable applicationsecurity testing that enables businesses to manage a multi-user, multi-appsecurity testing programs – all in one place.

DevSecOps Ready

ComprehensiveREST APIs enable automation and seamless integration into the DevOps CI/CDpipeline. Security anddevelopment teams can collaborate, define policies and perform testingthroughout the application development lifecycle.

Risk-based Management

Effective managementand reporting tools for test policies, scan templates, users, applications,compliance posture, remediation tracking, and more.


Risk-basedapplication security management allows businesses to define relevant risk factors that are used by AppScan to automatically classify anapplication’s risk


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