Continuously monitor and enforce endpoint security configurations to ensure compliance with regulatory or organizational security policies

Accurate and real-time visibility and continuous enforcement of security configurations and patches. Security and compliance analytics identify, manage and report on policy exceptions and deviations. The software also shows trending and analysis of security configuration changes. The intelligent agent provides continuous compliance with automated audit cycles measured in minutes rather than weeks.
Provide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance with BigFix Compliance Payment Card Industry (PCI) add-on. It helps with the enforcement and compliance reporting needed to satisfy the latest PCI-DSS requirements. BigFix Compliance automatically manages system configuration to improve endpoint security and helps protect organizations from the loss of confidential customer information, while lowering operational and security administration costs.
Support a large variety of endpoints. These include servers, desktop PCs, as well as specialized equipment such as point-of-sale (POS) devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. It provides endpoint management for major operating systems, third-party applications and policy-based patches, and helps discover endpoints that you might not have known were in your environment.
Get a variety of security functions plus you can add other targeted functions without adding infrastructure or implementation costs. Patch management delivers patches to endpoints on your operating system and for application vendors. Security configuration management helps detect and enforce security configurations; and enables management of third-party endpoint security clients and agents.
Place an intelligent agent on each endpoint. This single agent performs multiple functions including continuous self-assessment and policy enforcement with minimal impact on system performance. It includes real-time and continuous reporting and analysis from the intelligent agent. The software also allows agents to be configured as a relay between other agents and the console, which lets existing servers or workstations transfer packages throughout the network.

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Cross-platform patching and automation, software distribution, and OS provisioning, remote control and power management

Manage up to 250,000 endpoints, regardless of location, connection type or operating system from a single management console. Manage heterogeneous platforms across more than 90 operating system versions. BigFix Lifecycle does all of this through an intelligent agent on each endpoint that performs continuous self-assessment and policy enforcement with minimal impact on system performance; and enables remote desktop control to streamline help desk calls and problem resolution.
Address the full system lifecycle including asset discovery and inventory, software distribution, operating system deployment, migration and re-imaging, patch management, power management and remote desktop control. Asset discovery and inventory features create dynamic situational awareness about changing conditions in the infrastructure. Quickly discover new systems, deploy agents and take complete control with closed-loop policy-based management.
Automate patching, remote software deployments, Windows 10 migrations, OS updates and re-imaging. It can also automate more advanced tasks like operating systems and application patching on clustered servers to minimize labor costs and ensure servers are patched and secure according to your policies. It also supports other common system administration tasks that need to be sequenced, such as server builds that can include deploying an operating system or changing the host name.
Accelerate patch cycles, improves patch success rates and reduces downtime while minimizing security risks all through a single pane of glass.

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Comprehensive software asset inventory for license reconciliation or compliance purposes

Offer a single console, single server, single intelligent agent view of all assets that is highly scalable and provides “always-on” software asset management to ensure audit readiness. It helps you manage software assets across hundreds of thousands of endpoints and can be installed throughout the entire enterprise in hours instead of weeks or months.
Simplify software identification with information on more than 8,000 software publishers, 40,000 software products and 105,000 application signatures. BigFix combines gathered inventory data with the software identification catalog to create a browsable warehouse and delivers continual updates through a cloud-based update service with information on commercial applications and publishers.  The catalog can be easily extended to track home-grown and proprietary applications with no coding required.
Get reports on the health and compliance of software assets in minutes—regardless of the size of the environment—with both full reporting and sub-capacity reporting. Gain visibility into software license consumption to help plan software budgets based on inventory and usage trends. BigFix helps you plan for software upgrades and migrations by enabling administrators to determine which endpoints meet prerequisites; and sets security compliance policies for software and system configurations.
Discovery for software, processes, and file systems along with hardware usage and metering to help ensure audit readiness. These capabilities also provide cost savings and reduced security risk by identifying unused software. It allows users to browse data about software license usage to identify unused software and help limit audit and security exposures; and provides aggregated statistics and usage gathered by searching, filtering, sorting, viewing and exporting data.
Integrate BigFix Inventory with other software products to extend management across the full software lifecycle —from procurement through retirement — including security compliance.


Automated patching with high first-pass success

Support up to 250,000 endpoints from a single management server. Patch more than 90 OS types and delivers patches to endpoints for third-party applications. The software supports a variety of endpoints: physical and virtual servers, laptops, desktops, POS devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. It supports patching of online and offline virtual machines, including roaming devices, so that virtual and cloud environments have the same level of security as physical systems.
Create patch policies using Fixlet messages, which wrap the update with policy information such as patch dependencies, applicable systems and severity level. It uses an intelligent agent on every endpoint to enforce and assess patch compliance and recognizes which patches are required for that machine. Then it automatically retrieves and applies the needed updates. BigFix Patch deploys patches more efficiently, even over low-bandwidth or globally distributed networks.
Gain flexible, real-time monitoring and reporting with BigFix Patch. It helps you enforce policies and quickly report on compliance to improve audit readiness. It automatically assesses the endpoint status once a patch is deployed, confirms successful installation and updates the management server—supporting compliance requirements that require definitive proof of installation. BigFix Patch helps you comply with government regulations, service level agreements and corporate policies.
The software offers integrated web reporting, which allows users, administrators and executives to view dashboards and receive reports showing patch management progress in real time. It indicates which patches were deployed, when they were deployed, who deployed them and to which endpoints. BigFix Patch uses intelligent agents to continuously monitor endpoint states, including patch levels, and reports them to a management server. It compares endpoint compliance against defined policies.
With BigFix Patch, you can reduce security risks by streamlining remediation cycles from weeks to hours or minutes. It allows you to create reports showing which endpoints need updates, and then distribute those updates within minutes. IT administrators can safely and rapidly patch Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac operating systems with no domain-specific knowledge or expertise required. In addition, the software automatically remediates problems related to previously applied patches.