BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow

BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow Service empowers organizations to enrich ServiceNow CMDB with up-to-date and accurate data provided by the BigFix platform. The ServiceNow CMDB brings information discoverability. (Bring in the bidirectionality of this integration)

BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow enables organizations to "Find More, Fix More, and Do More". Organizations will be able to better discover, track and analyze their assets by leveraging BigFix's extensive and near real-time endpoint and asset data to enrich ServiceNow's CMDB. Organizations will be able to quickly identify, prioritize and remediate issues with the endpoint business context provided directly from ServiceNow to all BigFix products, and, ultimately, organizations will be able to automate software deployments and other configuration baselines by location, business units/owners, and other CMDB related fields.

BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow Architecture




BigFix Requirements

Available to all BigFix customers (version 10 and higher)

For details on solution implementation, visit the page here.


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