Get More Done with BigFix – Using BigFix Inventory for BigFix License Usage Reporting
Thursday, June 17, 2021

Get More Done with BigFix – Your BigFix Questions Answered in Real Time. The Get More Done with BigFix Webinar series will give you exclusive access to our Team BigFix experts to learn more about BigFix and answer your questions in real time. Rhonda Studnick Kaiser, Director of Client Experience, and John Talbert, Director of BigFix Professional Services, are your host and moderators. In this edition, Marcus Hayden of our BigFix Technical Advisor team will show you how you can use BigFix Inventory for tracking and reconciling your BigFix License usage.
Granting Trust in an Era of "Zero Trust"
Thursday, June 17, 2021

Zero Trust is a security philosophy based on the notion that forward-thinking enterprises should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters but must instead verify all connections to its systems before granting access. Join this webinar to understand how to assess and verify the veracity of a party desiring to connect to your most precious asset - your information repository.
BigFix: July 2021 Microsoft Patch Content Review
Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Join Rhonda Studnick Kaiser and our BigFix Team members for our monthly Microsoft Patch Tuesday Content Review webinar. We'll provide details of the most recent release, BigFix best practices to make your patching efforts flow smoothly, and highlights of any changes to BigFix content you should be aware of. Panelists: David Tamilow