Clara Combines An NLP Engine With An HCL Workload Automation Knowledge Base Adapted To Defined WA Users​

HCL Clara, a smart and flexible virtual assistant, that goes beyond FAQ assistant scenarios as she can perform actions on WA on behalf of the user​. 

Answers how-to types of questions accessing the company's knowledge base with HCL Clara​.

Workload Automation enables organizations to gain complete visibility and control over attended and unattended workloads.

Ask Clara How To Use The Product

Answer how-to questions, & provide link to videos or documentation​. Capture problems and guide teams in troubleshooting through voice commands or simple text chats.​

Ask Clara To Run Tasks & Actions For You

Run tasks & actions on request, leveraging the product APIs to assist the user and speed up the process.​

Use Clara To Inforce Best Practices

Extendable and customizable knowledge database following client’s best practices (naming conventions, internal operation guides, specific runbook procedure, ...) under the administrator control.​

Integrate Clara With Your Favorite Service/Platform

Contact Clara from your preferred messaging platform or from the product interface.​

HCL Clara Adds Value For Workload Automation Users​

Ensure WA Operation Continuity​

Learn to use the product​. Smart actions to simplify and speed up job execution​. Smart action to simplify and speed up troubleshooting.​

Administration And Monitoring​

Quick access to monitoring and environment info for better maintenance. Product information around the latest news​.

Add Value To Workload Automation

Minimizes FAQ-type calls​. Reduces common-issue incidents.​ Speeds learning curve on new functions​.

Operations Optimization with Clara

Increased agility​ No delay in assisting end users​ Efficient back end support​

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Ask Clara To Run Tasks & Actions For You.


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