Clara makes Workload Automation Even Easier to Use

Clara makes Workload Automation even easier to use, by offering a conversational interface to scheduling users, accessing the company's automation knowledge base, providing recommendations, and performing tasks for the end-users. With Clara you can also:

  • Quickly download the job log
  • Receive a push notification when an activity completes or changes status
  • Submit a service from Self-Service Catalog, without a VPN, also via Mobile, in Natural Language via text chat, or using Voice
  • Receive a notification of the service status (started, completed successfully/ with errors, in error, in late) via push notification and also via email
  • Ask Clara to execute asynchronous tasks on the product autonomously
  • Translate answers in graphical views
  • Leverage the Semantic Search in the product documentation to increase the response rate

Ask Clara How To Use The Product

Answer how-to questions, & provide link to videos or documentation​. Capture problems and guide teams in troubleshooting through voice commands or simple text chats.​

Ask Clara To Run Tasks & Actions For You

Run tasks & actions on request, leveraging the product APIs to assist the user and speed up the process.​

Use Clara To Inforce Best Practices

Extendable and customizable knowledge database following client’s best practices (naming conventions, internal operation guides, specific runbook procedure, ...) under the administrator control.​

Integrate Clara With Your Favorite Service/Platform

Contact Clara from your preferred messaging platform or from the product interface.​

Clara enhances Workload Automation customers’ experience with natural language processing interactions

Clara goes beyond FAQs as she also transforms routine tasks in unique experiences, which increase end-users satisfaction as they can get simple things done through contextual conversations such as “Check workload execution status and reports”, “Rerun a Job” or “Check if there are Jobs in error”. 

HCL Clara Adds Value for Workload Automation Users​

Ensure WA Operation Continuity​

Learn how to use the product. Perform smart actions to simplify and speed up job execution and troubleshooting.

Administration And Monitoring​

Quick access to monitoring and get the environment info for better maintenance. Receive the product information around the latest news.

Add Value To Workload Automation

Minimize FAQ-type calls. Reduce common-issue incidents. Speed up learning curve on new functions.

Operations Optimization with Clara

Increased agility. No delay in assisting end users. Efficient back end support.

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Ask Clara To Run Tasks & Actions For You.

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