Interact with anyone you want, internally and externally, to help improve efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Connections Engagement Center allows you to increase engagement for all stakeholders: employees, managers, customers, partners and more.

About Connections Engagement Centre

Create, share, and interact the way you want.

Digital workplace

Establish a digital workplace for customized news and content. Reduce time spent searching for information and resources

Personalize information

Personalize information based on your role, business unit and location. Display relevant content for specific audiences.

Employee First

Enable employees to create, manage, and curate content with an intuitive interface

Single Content Store

Eliminate fragmentation, redundancy, inconsistency and governance problems with a single content store

Features of Connections Engagement Centre

Create and customize pages

Business users can quickly create and customize pages with pre-configured and custom page grid layouts, pre-built and custom widgets, and CSS to support corporate branding and standards.

Add content and applications with widgets and APIs

Populate pages with content from Connections blogs, wikis and other social platforms simply and quickly by using widgets with included Clipping, iFrame, HTML, ATOM and RSS feed widgets. Application developers can use APIs to create custom integrations from other applications.

Publish content easily

Create, share, and interact with content using integrated liking and commenting. You can even create top-down communications or enable peer-to-peer collaboration to make communications more collaborative and engaging.

Integrate and administrate efficiently

All content is contained in a single index, so no search integration is required, and the single content store helps eliminate fragmentation, redundancy, and governance problems.

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Establish a digital workplace for customized news and content.


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  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.

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