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In a modern DevOps culture, IT and development teams seamlessly collaborate to increase delivery and productivity. The top DevOps organizations continuously seek new areas of efficiency, and they know that DevOps is never done. These organizations often rise to the forefront of their industries, using DevOps as the launchpad. 

In this next decade of DevOps, disconnected tools and saying "we do some DevOps" is no longer enough.

DevOps solutions from HCL Software approaches this next decade of DevOps strategically and with the full-cycle and scope of DevOps in mind, including development teams, IT, and business units. Leveraging our comprehensive solution set and business leaders with decades of industry DevOps experience, we create a DevOps solution as unique as your business. And that means you can have the peace of mind knowing you have the tools you need with the leading experts in DevOps by your side.

"Day 2 DevOps" brings a new set of challenges

As DevOps enters its second decade, a Day 2 phase, high performing industry leaders are seeking new ways to deliver software faster and more responsibly. Agile practices and pipeline automation are fundamental enablers of continuous delivery, but it’s only the start.

Quantify &achieve the ROI of DevOps, and make strategic decisions with the full pictureeasily accessible.

Dramatically reducetime from idea to production capability.

Eliminate waste,remove bottlenecks, and improve output of development and test teams.

Shift investment toinnovation by replacing manual tasks with industrial-strength automation.

Deploy anything, anywhere with UrbanCode Deploy.

Deliver better quality applications, faster than ever before.

UrbanCode Deploy automates application deployments across your IT environments and gives quick feedback for continuous delivery, while providing the audit trails, versioning, and approvals needed in production.

Maximize your DevOps investment with UrbanCode Velocity.

Improve visibility, identify bottlenecks, and improve DevOps flow across the organization.

In today's large enterprises, data is scattered across tools, making it difficult to understand the big picture of software operations. UrbanCode Velocity integrates with your existing toolset, and brings unprecedented visibility to your value stream.

Detect and remediate vulnerabilities with AppScan.

Detect and remediate vulnerabilities, and comply with regulations and security best practices.

AppScan's powerful static and dynamic scanning engines can deploy in every phase of the development lifecycle and test web applications, APIs and mobile apps.

One family, multiple solutions. Simplify test automation with OneTest.

Get started on accelerating your test automation.

With solutions like API, UI, and Embedded Testing and Service Virtualization, we have a test solution for you that will ensure sound integration of your complex systems to improve quality and performance.

Balancing development flexibility with effective control of software and hardware assets with Flexiem.

HCL Flexiem can help organizations by balancing flexibility with the organization’s need for control.

Whether your team is a small workgroup at a single location or a highly-distributed team spanning multiple geographies, HCL Flexiem provides the scalability needed for your organizational needs.

Accelerate Project Delivery with Traxiem.

Change management software for enterprise-level scaling, process customization and control to accelerate project delivery and increase developer productivity

HCL Traxiem manages the full range of testing activities from test planning, to test execution, to the capture and analysis of test results.

Fully realize the benefits of your DevOps transformation investments.

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