Flexiem Basic

Instantaneous workspace creation eliminates the need to copy repositories to begin modifying assets, or testing, performing builds, simulations or verifications.
Flexible deployment models supporting usage both local and remote to the asset repositories.
Scalable from small teams to huge organizations, gigabytes to terabytes and large binary files are no problem.
Authoritative, transparent auditing ensures that the history of changes is accurate and indisputable. Perfect for regulated industries.
Extensive support for parallel development, especially when merging. Fully automated merging when changes do not conflict.
Merge-aware file renaming for refactoring support. Assets can be typed to support customer differencing and merging algorithms.
Flexible, customizable process model.  Unified Change Management (UCM) out-of-the-box process model for a fast start with a mature process model.
Role-based access control lists for complete control over who can access critical IP.
Complete, powerful, command line interface, and a fully functional graphical user interface
Integrations with popular IDEs, including Visual Studio and Eclipse.  Teams working in Git can easily integrate their development into Flexiem.

Scale to business needs while delivering high-quality code

Balancing development flexibility with effective control of software and hardware assets


Flexiem Enterprise

Complete, automated repository replication for global development where performance is critical
Replicate only those repositories needed remotely to protect intellectual property
Manage independent work at each replica and integrate it with all other work from other replicas

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