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  • Fully automated Orchestration and Scaling through K8S
  • Competitive Advantage: Location Agnostic – Any/Multi-Cloud, On-prem, Embedded
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Fully Automated
  • Out-of-the-box high availability and scalability
  • Administration automation/optimization
  • Developer aids

Multi-Model Capabilities
  • Multi-model (SQL/OLTP, OLAP, JSON/BSON, Time Series, Spatial)
  • Hybrid Transaction



HCL OneDB is also available as a Docker container with a Helm chart for one-command deployment into Kubernetes
Fully automated orchestration with OneDB Explore, our Next-gen, graphical administration and monitoring tool for OneDB includes new capabilities and advanced customizable dashboards.
Relational data from OLTP (SQL), Semi-structured data in the form of JSON documents (NoSQL), Time Series data, and Spatial data.
Combine and use Time Series, Spatial, NoSQL, and SQL data together in the same database, in the same queries.
Ingest and store streaming terabytes of sensor data and other information necessary for IoT solutions, allowing for edge analytics and cloud capacity.
Delivers incredible query acceleration through a columnar, compressed, in-memory technology.
Developers have fast access to their data through MQTT, REST APIs, Mongo APIs and SQL APIs. OneDB Explore, our modern graphical administration and monitoring tool for OneDB gives you the ability to monitor what you need.
Native encryption with all configurations, your data is secure at rest and in motion.

HCL OneDB 1.0

Even more Performance improvements for all stages of the application cycle from JDBC and Wire Listener to transactional and replication speed.
Support for KMIP and Azure Key vault completes a very rich set of encryption capabilities to keep your data secure.
Manipulation of your data, statement cache, and schema are made easier with multiple features such as partial index, sharded joins, and cdr migrate and shard setup enhancements.