HCL Link

HCL Link provides a unified solution for data integration. HCL Link is about making connections – between applications and the data needed to run and transform your business. This enables you to activate your data – empowering the right applications and people with the right data at the right time. With the flexibility to deploy where and how you want, you can activate your applications and data with easy-to-use data transformation solutions that will accelerate IT projects and support business and compliance initiatives.

Integration Simplified!

Get more done, faster. Defining your connections, data and transformations has never been easier. Quickly and easily integrate the applications that run your business through a modern, code-free, drag-and-drop user experience.

Link anything, anywhere

Integrate any application and data across your enterprise. Flexibility to deploy where and how you want – on prem, on cloud, hosted and hybrid. Available as a container or as a native install for Windows or Linux. Develop once and deploy anywhere or everywhere.

Unleash the Power of your Data

Unlock the insights in your data by incorporating all the relevant data. Broad set of powerful, modern connectors to easily access data to make it available to the applications and people who need it. Access valuable data when and where needed – on demand, scheduled or event-based.

Boost Productivity with Industry Toolkits

Pre-defined industry-specific accelerators for financial payments, healthcare and supply chain industry standards provide implementation flexibility and foster re-use. Build solutions that integrate this critical data into your business applications including validating data to ensure standards compliance.

New Integration Possibilities

Get more done, faster with HCL Link integration which is now included with Domino Volt. Easily connect your Domino Volt apps to a wide variety of data sources such as SaaS services, databases, and other external sources.

Designers can add Link connections to their apps from the Domino Volt service catalog for simplified real-time integration.

Industry Packs

Financial Payments Pack

Simplify the adoption and ongoing use of key financial payments industry standards that make your business run with this solution pack of accelerators, including data definitions, validation, and samples for SWIFT, SEPA, NACHA, ISO20022 and more.

Healthcare Pack

Accelerate the adoption of and compliance with key healthcare payment and clinical data industry standards with this solution pack of accelerators, including data definitions, validation, and samples for HIPAA, NCPDP, HL7, FHIR and more.

Supply Chain EDI Pack

Fast track your implementation of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards that automate your business with this solution pack of accelerators, including data definitions, validation, and samples for X12, EDIFACT, and more.

SAP Pack

Maximize the value of your SAP investment with this solution pack that simplifies and reduces the time to value of integration with the rest of your business systems.

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