It’s time to optimize, modernize, and enable innovation with HCL Mainframe solutions.

  • Comprehensive assets and their usage reports
  • Software audit and upgrade
  • Flexible, user-friendly tools for enhanced file processing
  • Enhanced quality and accelerated ROI
  • Detailed analysis of the abend at the source level



Z Asset Optimizer

The market-leading software asset discovery and management solution for IBM Z mainframe systems. Extraordinarily scalable, secure, and high-performing platform that has evolved with decades of enhancements.


Z Abend Investigator

Determine the root cause of an application abend and get source-level analyses of application abends written in COBOL, C/C++ and Java in real-time.


Z Data Tools and APIs

Secure access to data and comprehensive support for a wide range of data store types that enables manipulation of mainframe data interactively under ISPF, in batch and via Java and REST APIs.


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