Product Categories

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Gain complete visibility and control to optimize your business with automation

A collaborative management and endpoint security platform
Workload Automation
Complete visibility and control over workloads
An automation chatbot ready to assist you through voice and text
A fully customizable dashboard to control the health and automation environment

Commerce & Marketing

Drive business transformation and attain profitable outcomes.

Easy personalized, omni-channel buying experiences
Unica - Interact
Personalize in real-time the experience of customers interacting with digital channels
Unica - Campaign
Campaign management software for multi-channel execution and tracking
Unica - Optimize
Centrally manages rules, constraints, and prioritization for the optimal contact strategy
Unica - Plan
Marketing resource management software to manage projects, resources and more

Data Management

Experience and expertise to handle the explosion of data created every second

HCL Informix
Deeper analytics from the gateway edge to cloud with high performance and reliability
HCL Integration Platform
A unified solution for data integration and transformation


Enable the continuous delivery, deployment, security and monitoring of applications

Identify and remediate application security vulnerabilities
Software testing tools to support a DevSecOps approach
OneTest Embedded
A cross-platform tool for component testing and runtime analysis
RealTime Software Tooling
Tooling to develop stateful, event-driven, real-time applications
Design Room Live!
A web-based modeling tool allowing real-time collaboration
Dynamic views for unlimited repository support
HCL UrbanCode
Accelerate and optimize software delivery
HCL Forms
Build forms, publish applications and review submissions
Flexible through customization for best the database app execution environment.

Digital Solutions

A secure, flexible, and powerful market leading foundation for your organization

A born-in-the-cloud email platform designed to handle enterprise workloads
Workstream collaboration for meetings, messaging, files & more
A secure, enterprise-grade, application development platform
An enterprise email client that integrates information into a single workspace
Instant messaging and online communication with audio, video, and data sharing
Business email that understands the way you work
Digital Experience
A digital experience platform for combing content, applications and delivering personalized experiences.
Sophisticated web applications for data collection and process automation


Innovate with one of the most scalable, secure and proven platforms

Z and I Emulator (ZIE) for Windows
Time-Tested Emulator of choice by Global Mainframe Customers


Fresh business and technology solutions to solve real customer problems

An automation chatbot ready to assist you through voice and text
A fully customizable dashboard to control the health and automation environment