Safeguard mission critical workloads with the right automation solution

HCL Workload Automation boosts your business with the most advanced jobs scheduling, management and monitoring capabilities to seamlessly orchestrate complex workflows across multiple platforms and applications.
Our platform acts as a meta-orchestrator for continuous automation, leveraging containerization and an intuitive user interface, while offering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) on the market.

All in one place.

Orchestrate all the processes behind the digital transformation of your companywhile taking advantage of the lowest TCO on the market.

Workload Automation offers the most complete suite to ensure continuous operations, save costs, and manage risk. Get ready to accelerate your business by simplifying and automating workloads, improving SLAs, and saving deployment time..

Orchestration and deployment with containers

Machine-learning powered predictive scheduling

Increase efficiency with optimization and automation

Simplify and control complexity

Automation Hub

Get ready to automate the ecosystem around your business-critical processes with the multi-domain orchestrator!

Simplify and control complexity

HCL Workload Automations allows you to easily design the dynamic resolution of complex applications interdependencies in heterogeneous ecosystems. Schedulers and Operators love it for its flexibility and Executives feels safer with a robust long-time market leader technology that takes care of the organization business continuity.

Machine-learning powered predictive scheduling

Make the most out of data to dynamically manage critical paths, predictively determine scheduled job durations, trends and cycles, simulate planned and unplanned events, enable impact analysis on single or multiple workflows. Plus, find out how machine-learning algorithms can help you take real-time data- driven decisions.

Orchestration and deployment with containers

HCL Workload Automation provides full support for containerized environments allowing users to orchestrate applications deployed in containers and letting them optimize costs, including hybrid environments. Plus, simplify the deployment, upgrades and high availability scenarios of Workload Automation using Docker versions (agent, server, UI).


Jobs run per day on a single environment


Reliability for non-stop business flows


Cost reduction of licensing and monitoring fees

An enterprise class scheduler covering several industries

Welcome to the smart automation era! Let Workload Automation take charge of your processes and propel your business to the next level.

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Accelerate your business by simplifying and automating workloads, improving SLAs, and save on deployment time. Your digital transformation journey starts here.


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