Slack for team chat. Microsoft for email and documents. And Jive for wikis. Running a business can get overwhelming quickly with all the tools you need to meet expectations.

HCL Connections is a scalable, people-centric, enterprise-wide solution with all of this functionality built in. HCL Connections offers the only single platform for everyone — inside and even outside of your organization — to work together for common goals and outcomes. 

HCL Connections, a unified platform for enterprise collaboration

Learn how HCL Connections helps organizations dramatically increase end user productivity through knowledge sharing, decision-making, and innovation, along with reduced IT operating costs and complexity, by consolidating disparate systems onto one platform.

Put people, not content, at the center of how they collaborate

Allow your teams to create custom digital communities – without calling IT

Drive engagement by fostering knowledge discovery

Lower your TCO and integrate with your existing IT investments.

Connections Engagement Center

Create a single place for your team or business unit where they can find all they need to reach critical business outcomes quickly. HCL Connections Engagement Center is the landing page and portal to your organization, team or business unit, and brings together in one place all the content a group or community needs. It is a lightweight portal uniting people, content, and applications, personalized by role, function, or geography. The engagement center helps power your whole team and organization.

Connections Orient Me

Orient Me is your single pane of glass, the personalized and intelligent homepage that knows you. It pulls in the most important tools, apps, and tasks that are relevant to you, in one place. You can see everything happening in your network of communities, and all the tasks, notifications and work that needs input from you, prioritized by what’s most important. You can filter, as well as navigate to people, community, tag, and file or content.


Nurture people-centric collaboration by bringing organizational capabilities — people and content — together through strong communities. In Sharepoint/Teams you can see a contact’s activity as it relates to you. But in Connections you can see that person’s activity as it relates to you and others, revealing a social graph. While Sharepoint is content-centric collaboration, Connections is people-centric collaboration. Cross-team interactions are easier, communities are easy to create and join, and personal interactions are allowed to happen more like they do in real life.

People power your business. Connections powers your people. #LetsConnect

You know that people power your business.  Connections helps make their day efficient and easy by pulling in the most important tools, apps, and tasks that are relevant to you, in one place — prioritized by what’s most important..


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  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.

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