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faster build-time for any developer.​

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Why spend millions to migrate your apps to a new platform for no net-new functionality? For 1/24th of the price, easily modernize your proven Domino apps in minutes.


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Our app migration calculator will estimate the likely cost of moving to a different platform with no new functionality. And with our new Domino Accelerators, your path to modernization will be a no-brainer.
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Domino v11 is now available for download via FlexNet.
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Domino knows applications

From low-code to pro-code, HCL Domino is the only rapid application development platform that allows your business to build applications and processes that last to solve any challenge, fast, from IT to business. From creating simple marketing registration forms to building an entire CRM system, HCL Domino does it all.

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HCL Domino v11: What’s New

Domino v11 is more modern than ever. From low-code to pro-code, Domino v11 is the only application development platform you need. Already on v11? Check out enhancements in v11.0.1.

Make your apps mobile with zero effort with HCL Nomad. 

New, modern stack for more value and lower TCO.

Build apps 60-70% faster, with HCL Domino Volt.​

Simplify Microsoft 365 integration with active directory syncing.

Domino v11 Features and Benefits ​

From new mobile-app capabilities to enterprise authentication and a new low-code app builder called Domino Volt, our at-a-glance guide lays out the technical essentials. ​

HCL Domino Volt ​

Any developer can build apps 60-70% faster. ​ Add a low-code tool to your arsenal on a secure platform you trust. Anyone in IT can build web-based data capture forms and workflows using data from excel, multiple data sources, or from scratch.​

The HCL Domino TEI Study by Forrester

Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of HCL Domino study to learn how Domino has helped companies around the world lower operational costs — and why organizations have trusted HCL Domino to run their business-critical applications for decades.  ​​


Domino. Apps that run your business

HCL Domino is the only rapid application development platform that allows your business to build applications and processes that last to solve any challenge, fast.

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  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.

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