Trusted around the globe. Thousands of companies — big and small — use Domino apps to run their business.

Domino knows applications

From low-code to pro-code, HCL Domino is the only rapid application development platform that allows your business to build applications and processes that last to solve any challenge, fast, from IT to business. From creating simple marketing registration forms to building an entire CRM system, HCL Domino does it all.

HCL Domino, a low-code to pro-code, rapid application development platform

Learn how HCL Domino empowers your developers and business users to build apps to solve problems and run your business, all while reducing IT operating costs and complexity.

Build the apps and workflows that matter, faster

Deliver one of the lowest TCOs for app dev platforms on the market

Help your teams get more work done and use apps anywhere they are

Seamlessly integrate with your existing IT investments, including Microsoft

Learn how HCL Domino can help lower the cost of doing better business

Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of HCL Domino study to learn how Domino has helped companies lower operational costs and why organizations have trusted HCL Domino to run their business-critical applications for more than two decades.

Break down the value of Domino V10

We’ve created everything you need to make the case to your executives that Domino is the answer. Download this PDF to help illustrate the business value of Domino V10, and take your workflow and applications to the next level.


HCL Nomad

Domino knows mobility

Your Domino apps power your mission-critical business. Now you can give your business users access to this power — wherever, whenever, and however they are doing work — from an Apple iPad, on and offline, without modification or recoding — and with the legendary reliability you need and expect from Domino.

HCL App Dev Pack

From building core systems to creating complex workflow, HCL Domino has always been the go-to for the pro-code world.

HCL Domino App Dev Pack uses modern technologies, such as Node.js and Docker containerization, so you have more options — you can leverage a much broader range of skills in your organization and extend your Domino investments easily.

Domino knows modernization

We have made enhancements to the HCL Domino App Dev Pack, so that your pro-code developers can create applications and move beyond code with Node-RED.

Domino. Apps that run your business

HCL Domino is the only rapid application development platform that allows your business to build applications and processes that last to solve any challenge, fast.

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  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.

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