HCL Sametime is secure on-premises persistent team chat, and one-to-one team communication.

HCL Sametime is ideal for cross-team chat for CISOs and IT leaders of organizations in countries with strict data privacy and data gravity laws, companies in regulated industries, and government entities who need to be able to ensure the security and auditability of their data. HCL Sametime facilitates fast, reliable communication for those with limited cloud or internet access, while delivering one of the most secure communication platforms on the market.    

HCL Sametime, secure, on-premises persistent chat for group communication.

Sametime lets your teams communicate securely and collaborate instantly, with people inside and outside the organization.

Persistent, secure chat with a modern user interface .

Chats flow seamlessly and sync across desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Connect easily with the enterprise web-conferencing solution of  your choice.

Control is in your hands – easily configure policies and enable new features.

Sametime, the secure way to communicate.

Find out how Sametime is ideal for cross-team chat when you need it to be secure and auditable. HCL Sametime facilitates fast, reliable communication for those with limited cloud or internet access, while delivering one of the highest levels of security on the market.


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  • Deliver tailored, relevant and compelling offers on every channel—inspiring customers.
  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.

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