Introducing HCL SoFy (Solution Factory), the next generation software development accelerator

HCL SoFy amplifies the integration of world-class HCL Software products & services to generate a customized solution quickly and easily. This all can be accomplished in three easy steps: Explore the Catalog, Create a Solution, and Release to the Cloud.

A rich set of catalog products and Rest APIs containerized for custom cloud solutions


HCL SoFy uses Helm technology to provide HCL products and APIs as cloud-ready building blocks. These catalog products and services are enabled for Kubernetes as docker images and helm charts. To view the entire catalog, select “Catalog” on the header menu.

Searchable Catalog of HCL Products and Rest APIS

Enabled for Kubernetes as Docker images and Helm charts

Cloud-Native repository to access HCL Software product containers and Helm charts

Provides common services to make running in Kubernetes easier

An application to combine Rest APIs and products into SoFy solutions

Dramatically Accelerates the deployment of HCL Software products and services from days and weeks to minutes

Deliver in a cloud native, container-based environment, that’s fast and cost effective. Whether you chose a public cloud, like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), or prefer a private platform, like Anthos GKE, SoFy solutions are portable across all Kubernetes environments so you have complete freedom of choice.

How it works

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How to request access to HCL SoFy

Are you an HCL Business partner, customer, or employee wanting access to HCL SoFy? Our app was designed for administrators and developers of HCL Software. Click the “Request Access” button below to get started.