New Cloud Native Unica Platform – Precision Marketing@Scale!

#UNICAisBACK - This is the most comprehensive upgrade to Unica yet – with over 200 enhancements, 25 new features, 90+ native reports, 500+ REST APIs, & a new UI/UX Improved Experience: Modern, intuitive user experience; Manage offers and content across all channels with Centralized Offer Manager; Get performance insights in real-time. Cloud Native: Deploy in minutes, upgrade in hours. Support on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environments – with Cloud Native capabilities like Docker and Kubernetes, a rich set of micro-services, and open source support (no WAS, DB2, Cognos dependency).

Increased response rates

Send a greater number of more targeted campaigns, increasing response rates 10% – 50%

Shorter campaign cycles

Shorter time to launch campaigns decreases customer acquisition cost 25% – 75%

Better campaign results

Strengthen loyalty and retention while overall campaign ROI increases 15% – 30%

Faster time to market

Improve time to market and ensure quality standards are met.

Benefits of Campaign

Features of Campaign

Segmentation, offer and channel assignment

Use a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use flowchart user interface to manage campaign logic, audience segmentation, exclusions, and assignment of offers and channels.

Interaction history

Maintain a complete history for each customer and prospect including contacts made, offers presented, context and campaign details, and response actions. All of this is critical to building an effective, ongoing dialog.

Scheduling, list generation and output formatting

Campaign execution capabilities include the ability to schedule multiple campaign waves, access external data repositories from multiple sources, and output campaign data in nearly limitless formats.

Reporting and analysis

Leverage standard campaign reports and other tools for performance analysis. The solution’s flexible and open data mart allows custom data fields to be incorporated into reports. Any third-party reporting or analysis tool can be used against the IBM Campaign data mart.

Operate at the largest scale

Manage the largest contact databases to drive the segmentation and campaigns you desire. The solution will scale as your data volume grows.

Go beyond marketing with Unica. Create engaging experiences that convert!


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You will learn how you can

  • Create customer journeys, segmentation and targeting with the right offer.
  • Deliver tailored, relevant and compelling offers on every channel—inspiring customers.
  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.

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