About Interact

Interact makes it easier to design meaningful customer experiences across applications, devices and time, accelerating today's results and tomorrow's ambitions.

Real-time Personalization

Opportunity Detection

Digital Recommendation

Lead Management

Benefits of Interact

Now you can turn any real-time touchpoint into a channel to connect with your customers.

Features of Interact

Give the best offers at the right time

Know when your customer needs you the most. The acute and insightful combination of integrated offer arbitration and Bayesian algorithm helps you to recognise the right time and best offer for every customer.

Get instant response from customers

Get instant response from customers by presenting the offers when they are ready to listen. Interact makes optimum use of information from your customer touchpoints, including web, call center, in-store, branch, to develop knowledge of customers and prospects, create a consistent brand, and maximize customer communications.

True Omnichannel with offline and online channels

Interact uses both online and offline data, including in-depth historical knowledge of customers plus current customer activities, to create real-time customer interactions. These interactions increase sales, build relationships, generate leads, increase conversion rates, optimize channel usage, and lower attrition.

Insightful reports and analysis

Interact generates accurate marketing performance analysis, interactive channel activity analysis, campaign strategy inventories and deployment auditing— all intended to improve managerial oversight and marketing results.

Bring your Inbound and Outbound channels together

With a combined use of segments, rules and event pattern recognition in Real-time logic, Interact gives you the best strategies that can drive the response to specific customer actions, driving personalized content from an instant offer link on a website, to a cross-sell opportunity at a call center.

Go beyond marketing with Unica. Create engaging experiences that convert!


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You will learn how you can

  • Create customer journeys, segmentation and targeting with the right offer.
  • Deliver tailored, relevant and compelling offers on every channel—inspiring customers.
  • Manage projects, creative assets, resources, teams, and approvals within a collaborative environment.

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