A low-cost, white-labeled mail solution with built-in multi-tenant capability

HCL Atlas is a white-labeled mail solution with built-in multi-tenant capability, designed for service providers. It provides necessary features and functions for your customers to manage daily business workflow with easy admin management at the same time. With the low TCO footprint and modern architecture, HCL Atlas is the best candidate for service providers to offer their customers an affordable collaboration solution.

More Features, More Flexibility, Increased Customer Satisfaction

HCL Atlas provides robust email, calendar, contact and file management, and enablement, wrapped in a robust API framework facilitating endless possibilities for integration and white-label rebranding. HCL Atlas empowers powerful platform administration, including user interface customization, access management as well as assisting with mobile services for email, contacts, and calendars.

Low TCO with high scalability

Flexible deployment options with built-in multi-tenant capability

Extensive REST API support for easy integration

White label at an organizational level – UI customization and domain management

Industry Applications

HCL Atlas is widely used by leading organizations in all industries.


Schools and colleges can reach out to current students and alumni easily with HCL Atlas. Send a newsletter or make an announcement in just a few clicks.


Retail industry workers are usually scattered across various locations. HCL Atlas offers a channel for direct communication between management and workers, increasing work efficiency and productivity.


Citizens can receive updates about important incidents and news announcements from public authorities through a “Digital Citizen Mailbox.”


HCL Atlas provides flexible seating options for hospitality service providers, allowing companies to adjust seats according to their seasonal needs.



HCL Atlas is an ideal platform for manufacturing and production environments and can help drive production enablement and goals.