Tony Arnold, Unica CMO

Upgrading to the Latest Unica Version

Tony Arnold Unica CMO & Steve Kopelic Unica Global Head of Sales Management welcome you to HCL Unica: Announcing the exciting new Unica platform – precision marketing at a scale.

Check V12.1 Sessions on CLICK HERE.
  1. Check V12.0 Sessions on
  2. Check what the Unica Professional Services Team Loves about v12.0 in the "The 12 Things We Love About Unica" series on
  1. Link to v12.1 System Requirements
  2. Walk-though of Unica v12.1 System Requirements [Video upcoming]
  3. Check the Dockerized System Requirements on
  4. Walk-though of Unica v12.1 Dockerized System Requirements [Video upcoming]
You can find the V12.1 Unica Product Documentation Here
Unica Profession Services [Video Upcoming]
  1. Link to v12.1 System Requirements
  2. Check the Unica Cloud Native Documentation 
  3. Check the Unica Cloud Native Overview
  4. So you are thinking about going to...
  1. AWS
  2. GCP
  3. Azure
Check the Unica Director Webinar 
  1. Get ready now for your future upgrade to Unica v12.x
  2. Guided tour of Unica Pre-installation Workbook
  3. Upgrade Methodology
  4. Creation of your Upgrade Test Plan
  5. Creation of the Golden Copy of Unica Data & how to "copy" to new v12.1 env
  6. Pre-requests for Unica Asset Picker, Unica Centralized Offer Management (COM) & Unica Director
  7. Installation of Unica Insights