Development with flexibility and effective management

HCL VersionVault can help organizations by balancing flexibility with the organization’s need for control. It provides controlled access to soft assets, including code, requirements, design documents, models, schematics, test plans, and test results. User authentication and authoritative audit trails help your organization meet compliance requirements with the minimal administrative hassle for you. With access virtually anytime, anywhere, HCL VersionVault gives you the freedom to work efficiently where and when you need.

Scalability andFlexibility

Whether your team is a small workgroup at a single location or a highly-distributed team spanning multiple geographies, HCL VersionVault provides the scalability needed for your organizational needs. Maintain flexibility with Integrated Development Environment (IDE) extensions, open-source and third-party tools, cross platform support, remote access and disconnected/offline usage.

Scalability and Flexibility



Increase productivity


HCL VersionVault provides a robust centralized repository where all development assets are captured and versioned in a secure way. Access control helps ensure that only authorized individuals may access particular files or make changes. User authentication is performed through operating system authentication mechanisms or through industry standards.


HCL VersionVault provides effective authoritative build auditing. It helps streamline the edit-build-debug cycle and accurately reproduces software versions. By detecting dependencies, reusing derived objects (built artifacts) wherever possible and producing detailed build audit trails. HCL VersionVault helps ensure the reproducibility of software versions and improve build performance.

Increase Productivity

Parallel development support, automated workspace management, and baseline management enable you to create applications rapidly. Secure version management and reliable build auditing help ensure high-quality code with unmatched traceability.

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