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Volt MX is an industry-leading low-code app-dev platform that empowers professional developers, enterprise architects, and digital designers to rapidly deliver consumer-grade apps.

Our support for low-code developer productivity means faster innovation and lower TCO — so business and IT leadership can focus on high-value digital and operational strategic initiatives.

Key Benefits


Volt MX Platform

Volt MX makes it easy to unlock your existing data and business processes to use across all channels. Our secure integration capabilities hide all the backend complexity, helping developers build apps more efficiently.

Iris: Low-code development environment

Flare: Multichannel widget library and APIs

Foundry: Secure application backend adapters

Multichannel Approach

Internal dev teams don’t have to be experts on iOS, Android, or any available platform. Manage a single code base and deliver across any digital touchpoint or device — even wearables and kiosks — with best-in class UX.

Next-Generation Experiences, Today

Augment your app by incorporating innovative, new ways to engage your users. Leverage emerging technologies that help you drive adoption and retention of your app and stay ahead of the competition.

Volt MX simplifies the adoption of technologies such as in-store wayfinding, intelligent chatbots, VR, AR, and wearables, and more.

Low Code for Professional Developers

Tackle changing business needs while delivering significant productivity and TCO benefits to your developers.


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