HCL Workload Automation

The easy and powerful way to immediately automate your business processes

Create, manage and monitor multiple jobs and job streams using graphical views, embedded analytics and easy-to-customize dashboards. De-risk your business and avoid business flows interruptions thanks to powerful jobs and job streams modeling and policies’ definition.
Full support for containerized environments: orchestrate applications deployed in containers and optimize costs, including hybrid environments. Simplify the deployment, upgrades and high availability scenarios using Docker versions (agent, server, UI).
Connect and automate tasks run by local agents, agent-less or through APIs. Upgrade the agents without impacting the scheduling activity: enjoy no interruption for maintenance, zero-downtime and a constantly updated environment.
Define custom categories, enable specific users to manage the folders or simply browse them. Make the folders as flexible as you need, while monitoring them.
Dynamically manage critical paths, predictively determine scheduled job durations, trends and cycles. Simulate planned and unplanned events, enable impact analysis on single or multiple workflows. Take real time data-driven decisions thanks to machine-learning algorithms.
Manage scheduling definitions as group of objects to enable the export & import from and to different environments. Take advantage of the versioning and release management feature, keeping trace of people responsible for changes, reasons of changes and any relation between changes and support cases.

Now available on Amazon Web Services!

First, choose the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that best meets your business needs. Within a few minutes, you can easily launch an instance to deploy an HCL Workload Automation server with full on-premises capabilities on AWS.