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Workload Automation 9.5, a platform to meta-orchestrate business-critical processes from a single point of access and control. Automatically.


Plus, the solution is available on mainframe, virtualized (on-premise), cloud and hybrid environments.


Stop worrying about costs, start enjoying all of the Workload Automation features. There are no hidden costs: you buy HCL Workload Automation we give you the whole suite of plugins to easily connect activities and resources from common ERPs, Clouds, Databases, APIs, plus an all-inclusive product license with advanced capabilities and multiplatform support.


Get ready to accelerate your business by simplifying and automating workloads, improving SLAs, and saving deployment time.


  • Orchestration and deployment with containers
  • Increase efficiency with optimization and automation
  • Machine-learning powered predictive scheduling
  • Simplify and control complexity


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