Ensure optimal return on investment of your mainframe assets

HCL Z Asset Optimizer (ZAO) is the market leading software asset discovery and management solution for IBM® Z mainframe systems. It recognizes more than 15,000 software products and features in the market, plus its features to manage in-house software assets, this product makes the software asset management of your mainframe systems simple. 

ZAO creates an accurate inventory of software assets on each mainframe system by a batch job which dicovers loadable programs in zOS® data sets and z/OS UNIX Systems Services file systems.

Discovery of vendor software assets

Comprehensive assets and their usage reports

Discovery of in-house application assets

Prepare for software audit and upgrade

Over 15,000 oftware products and features are recognised by ZAO so you know exactly what software products are available on each mainframe system.

The rest of programs are identified as "in-house programs". These programs are managed separately in the Local Knowledgebase (LKB) facility.

The usage of each asset is monitored and reported so you will have an accurate view of software asset usage and frequency on each system.

ZAO keeps track of accurage usage history of software assets so you are prepared for software audit.

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